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20-something Brand Manager, Island Girl, World Explorer, Doodler, Runner, Fangirl, Music Lover, and Self-Proclaimed Queen of the Nerds.

When I'm not busy fangirling, being silly, or exploring the world, I major in the Arts of Bumming and Sleeping.

I do apologize. This is slowly turning into a Finn Jones appreciation blog. #FinnYouSuck #ImKiddingICouldNeverHateYou

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You’re the light in the dark 
You’re the seat in the park 
You’re the lighthouse 
You’re the lighthouse 
That I need 

You’re the key to the door 
You’re the Port in the Storm 
When I need to find the shore 
Cos I can’t swim anymore 

You always guide me back to solid ground 
You’re my Lighthouse

Nothing beats seeing a funny poster on the MRT, on the way home from work.

I just finished brewing another batch of Sleeping Draught potion. 

Plus 11 points for Slytherin!

We’re on the lead for the House Cup now. Yay!

I feel so accomplished. X

You make me feel like dancing~~


I love the Malfoys SFM, js. <333

I want Slytherin to win the House Cup so badly that I’ve been brewing Sleeping Draught Potions like crazy in the hopes that we’d overtake Ravenclaw and win in the end. It’s making me poor, but I don’t care. Determination is, after all, a Slytherin trait. ;)

Here’s to hoping my galleons will last me ‘til the release of Book 2! :o

I honestly find my pseudo-job of translating for Twitter quite fun and addictive.

It brings out the Grammar Nazi in me. Whoopee! :D

I’ve been admittedly all over the web in my 9+ years of blogging.

I remember creating my first ever blog on Xanga, and then moving on, creating, and maintaining various blogs at Blogdrive, Blogspot, Livejournal, Wordpress, hosted sites, and finally on my self-hosted website—all according to certain “themes” about my life experiences and interests. 

I’ve also been using various Tumblr blogs for fangirling over my interests and posting photos from my travels. I was new to Tumblr when I created my Tumblr blogs, so I didn’t know that you could create multiple blogs under one account. Imagine all the trouble I currently get myself into when I want to update all my Tumblr blogs! X_X

I guess the creation of all these blogs was a result of me being naturally Obsessive-Compulsive, wanting to classify anything and everything about my online life by blog and theme. I just never expected maintenance for all these sites to be this much of a pain post-Student Life, particularly since I now get to spend less time blogging due to real-life and adult responsibilities.

I’ve been spreading myself too thinly to the point that I felt that I needed to find a way to consolidate all my blogs into one, without having to worry about time, maintenance, bandwidth, or disk space. With real life also getting busier and busier by the second, I now barely have time to write (profound) lengthy blog entries like how I used to back in high school and college.

Sometimes all I want to do is just post a picture or a song, but I hesitate from posting out of fear of wasting my self-hosted site’s disk space (I most recently upgraded my disk space from 250mb to 500mb, and by the looks of it, I may need to upgrade it to 1gb soon O_O). I needed to find a little spot on the Internet where I could simply hang out and post whatever, without having to worry about maintenance, bandwidth, disk space, and blog themes…with the central theme of me just blogging about anything and everything under the sun.

And that’s when “As Told By Angela” was born.

I hope that this blog will last longer than the rest, and be my answer to somewhat organizing my online blog life. It’ll be more private (since it’ll most likely just feature stuff I’m interested in instead of talking about my real-life experiences), but at least I’ll get to post more often and on a whim.

Wish me luck! :)