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I do apologize. This is slowly turning into a Finn Jones appreciation blog. #FinnYouSuck #ImKiddingICouldNeverHateYou

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I just completed the quest and recruited Emma Frost over at Avengers Alliance.


I feel so proud of myself. LOL

*pats self at the back*

Thor and Captain America ranked #22 and #26 respectively in the Top Movie downloads on iTunes.

I see you, people catching up on watching Thor and Captain America… I see you :P

I want this so badly right now, js XD

Dear Chris Evans, why are you so perfect?

I love how both Thor and Captain America completely destroyed the U.S. Box Office (and subsequently the International Box Office) last year. And this year, we’re looking at The Avengers.

The audience loves them Marvel movies.

WTG Cap and Thor!

Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon should totally have their own sitcom. Or at least do Beer Pong everyday :P

Beer Pong 2011

Beer Pong 2012

The enchantment of Mjolnir states,”Whosoever, if he be worthy, shall POSSESS THE POWER OF THOR.”

It’s pretty cool that Mjolnir deemed the Captain worthy of lifting it on several occasions. It’d be cooler if The Avengers 2 had Captain America and Thor fighting side by side again, and Cap manages to lift the hammer once again to save Thor, wouldn’t it? *releases the plot bunnies*


I’ve watched the movie and seen this trailer for so many times, yet I get goosebumps all over 

Every. Single. Frakkin. Time.

The Avengers…what do you do to me?!

Project 25: Day 3

Shawarma (Rice) for lunch, in honor of the ending scene of The Avengers.
New Read: Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere (Thanks, Claude! :D).


P.S. I love how the Captain remains to be the heart of the team <3