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Playboy Interview with Chris Evans. Beautiful, Smart, and Down-to-Earth. I can’t even.. ASAKJDGHGJADHAGDJHG

*ovaries explosion*

Anyway, on to the interview:

The Avengers is your second turn playing Captain America. After two movies in the red, white and blue costume, is there anybody on the Avengers team you would trade fashion statements with?

God, yeah, absolutely. Pretty much anybody, though some days Robert Downey would have to get into the Iron Man suit, and that looks pretty difficult. But outside of that, the Thor costume looks pretty comfortable. The Hulk has a great deal. Whenever he Hulks out, he just wears those little green CGI jumpsuits. It looks comfy as hell.


You turned down the role of Captain America several times. Why didn’t you want to do it?

They wanted a six-picture deal, and the worry about a six-picture deal is that it can potentially be spread out over 10 years. So you’re making a decision for the next 10 years of your life. Films typically work one at a time. If one movie explodes and your life changes, you’re afforded the opportunity to take a break, if you need it, to get your head back on straight. The fear I had was that I was compromising this control. That’s terrifying, man.

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Kris Allen, you’re just too adorable for words <3

My fave Pocket Idol evarrrr :D