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A little gem from the ever educational Wall Street Journal

Warner Bros has said for years that Wonder Woman is too complex and difficult a property for movie-goers to get into.

Disney/Marvel just made nearly $100 million off a movie where a talking raccoon fires a machine gun while standing on the shoulders of a giant walking plant. In space.


This is why Marvel is AMAZING.
The Galaxy’s the limit! :)

I just completed the quest and recruited Emma Frost over at Avengers Alliance.


I feel so proud of myself. LOL

*pats self at the back*

The Avengers Gag Reel. 

Adorable-ness explosion in 5..4..3..2..1

The enchantment of Mjolnir states,”Whosoever, if he be worthy, shall POSSESS THE POWER OF THOR.”

It’s pretty cool that Mjolnir deemed the Captain worthy of lifting it on several occasions. It’d be cooler if The Avengers 2 had Captain America and Thor fighting side by side again, and Cap manages to lift the hammer once again to save Thor, wouldn’t it? *releases the plot bunnies*


I remember how there was an outcry when the casting for Captain America was revealed back in 2010. It became an issue that Chris Evans was cast as Captain America, when he also had the role of Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) under his belt. Fanboys were also outraged that Evans wasn’t mature enough.. that he couldn’t fully embody the spirit of the Captain.

Nobody really understood why Director Joe Johnston was so keen on getting Evans for the role. People kept dissing Marvel Studios and claiming that it was a poor casting choice, and that the movie would tank. But Johnston had faith—faith that Evans could pull it off and bring Captain America to life (even if Evans didn’t believe at first that he could do it).

Looking back, it all seems so silly now. Captain America: The First Avenger beat all expectations and dominated over Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for the #1 spot in the Box Office, just a week after the Potter film was released.

More recently, The Avengers shattered Box Office records by becoming the very first film to reach the $200 million dollar mark on Opening Weekend in the U.S. and reached $641 million dollars worldwide in just 12 days. Guess who became one of the favorite and most talked about actors in that movie? Yeap, Chris Evans. 

Sometimes, a little faith can go a long way. Chris Evans did such a great job portraying Captain America, that people like me who used to dislike the character ended up liking and respecting him and what he stood for.

Thank you, Joe Johnston for keeping the faith.


Project 25: Day 4

It’s all about keeping the faith.

Internet wasn’t working, so I bonded with MS Paint.

Because Bully!CaptainAmerica clearly has some issues with Hawkeye and Black Widow. :P


P.S. I love how the Captain remains to be the heart of the team <3

I honestly wouldn’t mind if Marvel did a feature film on Strange Tales Vol. 1 #114.

Captain America vs The Human Torch?

Chris Evans vs Chris Evans?

Yes, please.

We can never have enough Chris Evans onscreen.

Oh, Captain America… you’ve just become one of my fave superheroes of all time.

It definitely helps that Chris Evans is portraying you <3