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20-something World Explorer, Social Media Enthusiast, Mixed Tape Lover, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Artist, and Self-Proclaimed Queen of the Nerds.

When I'm not busy fangirling, being silly, or exploring the world, I major in the Arts of Bumming and Sleeping.

I do apologize. This is slowly turning into a Finn Jones blog. #FinnYouSuck

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Because I am and will forever be a nostalgic sap.

That awkward moment when you realize that the guy playing Nolan on Revenge actually played the role of Alan M in Josie and The Pussycats. 


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I never thought that I
Was that strong
To carry on, carry on
Forgiveness in your eyes
With nothing to hide
All and all, it’s shown me
It’s a Beautiful World
It’s a Beautiful World

I feel like I’m in an episode of The Amazing Race.

Spot the little shops in a little town in France.

Yes, the moonlight DOES shine on Paris
After the sun goes down ♥

Old school song is old school, but dayum, hello there, my childhood! :D

It’s true what they say—you can never forget Paris. Anywhere you are in the world, you’ll always come home to Paris.