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When I'm not busy fangirling, being silly, or exploring the world, I major in the Arts of Bumming and Sleeping.

I do apologize. This is slowly turning into a Finn Jones appreciation blog. #FinnYouSuck #ImKiddingICouldNeverHateYou

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Not quite sure if everyone knows this, but for Finn’s birthday, I gave him a website. I made him one, so that he has this organized site that can serve as his updated online portfolio and news site, where people can refer to when they want to know more about him. Plus, it would be a great way for fans to keep tabs on the latest news about him. Kind of like a one-stop shop of news sans the reblogs.

Real-life has been pretty busy lately, and it just so happens that news around Finn is pretty much moving around fast. Because of this, I honestly need help updating and rounding up the news for http://www.finnjones.co.uk.

If you happen to be fan of Finn or just willing to help out with site content, send me a message. Let’s talk.

If you’re also wondering whether or not Finn knows about the site, yes, he does. :)

Daybreak: On the way from Manila to Singapore.

I enjoy taking pictures of the Sky whenever I’m on a plane; hence, the preference for a window seat on all accounts. Looking at the endless sky always reminds me of how small we are in the bigger scheme of things.

Isn’t the world just awesome? :D

LOL I can totally relate to what he said. That’s so true.

This definitely brings back so many fond and not-so-fond memories of life as a student. :P

I seriously need to practice my doodles XD

Hope to get back to Drawing once the Christmas break begins.

I currently rank 8th on Twitter’s Top Translators. I feel sorta proud of myself right now. LOL

I honestly find my pseudo-job of translating for Twitter quite fun and addictive.

It brings out the Grammar Nazi in me. Whoopee! :D